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(via Shea Moisture)


For the cover art of our new Ammonia-Free SheaMoisture Hair Color System, we commissioned a series of original water color paintings by Maryland artist Mike Jamal. “It was important to us in creating the art for our new hair color packaging to represent our community in a way that encompasses all our individualism and beauty,” says Jullanar Barron, SheaMoisture Creative Director since 2001. “We want you to see yourself when you look at a box of our hair color.” Here are the 12 packages.

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    Def a must try…
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    I wish we had some of these near us. “We want you to see yourself when you look at a box of our hair color”so important.
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    Oh, I’ve been so good about not coloring my hair for the past five years—but THIS is so tempting!!
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    I don’t know if I will buy for the colour or the art but I will buy.
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